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Naturopath Bondi - Health Sanctuary

Health Sanctuary - Naturopath Bondi provide a wide range of Naturopath services to Bondi and the surrounding area.

Emily Rose Yates–Naturopath/Nutrition/Homoeopath/Herbal Medicine & Clinic Manager

Emily’s passion for health began when a Naturopath helped her recover from a serious bout of Glandular Fever. Since then she has a passion life and good health. Naturopathy is an umberella term for many different tools that can be used to bring one back into balance. These are herbal medicines, nutrition, homoeopathy and bush/bach flowers. This tool kit provides her with the remedies to primarily bring you to a state of health so as to prevent serious illness but also to balance the body whilst its experiencing imbalance or disease.

Emily believes in a balanced approach, and works with her clients to provide balance within their life. Helping the client to make easy and simple changes that will make a profound difference to their health.

Emily has successfully treated many conditions ranging from skin conditions to fertility and hormonal imbalances, headaches, digestive disturbances, candida and childhood illnesses. For a full health assessment and appropriate treatment plan.

At Health Sanctuary - Naturopath Bondi, Emily has over 3 years experience in the Naturopathy field, servicing clients within the Bondi area. Emily Rose Yates has the expertise to assist you with all your Naturopathy requirements.

   Health Sanctuary
   Naturopath Bondi

 0404 071 314
Enter via the "Health Emporium"  Level 1 263-265 Bondi Road
Bondi, NSW

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Health Sanctuary - Naturopath Bondi services include :
  • Naturopathic Consultation
  • Homeopathic Consultation
  • Baby Sleep Consultant from Babybliss

The Health Sanctuary

The Health Sanctuary on Bondi Road brings together some of the finest Natural Health experts in New South Wales under one roof.


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Health Sanctuary
Naturopath Bondi
Ph: 0404 071 314
Bondi - NSW
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